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Patient Storys

"Started losing hair in my early 20’s due to the male baldness pattern hereditary .I went to consult Dr.K.S.Jaiswal who recommended me to go for Hair Transplant. Fulfilling all the promises of painless and great results, I am satisfied with the hair grafting done on me."


"I had been searching for plastic surgeons in Delhi for my hair transplant Finally; I got to know about Dr. K S Jaiswal from Allahabad. I met the doctor and was quite happy with their diagnosis and suggestions for my transplant. I decided to go ahead with them.

The day of the surgery was a nervous one. But it was the amazing approach of doctor along with Dr. K S Jaiswal from Allahabad, which made this complicated procedure, a rather memorable one. Their constant humour, care and affection, eased all the pain, caused by the innumerable injections. They kept on patiently for the 10 hours of complicated procedure and saw to it that every graft of hair is planted.

Today, after 3 months post surgery, even though its too early to judge the results, but after looking at the mirror, I am happy to have gone ahead with this team.

My donor and transplant area has completely recovered and I am looking forward to a very good result in 9 months."

Aayush Chandra
Delhi High Court